Carl Sable

Professor of Computer Engineering

Senior Projects

This page relates to ECE 395: Senior Electrical Engineering Projects I and ECE 396: Senior Electrical Engineering Projects II, together referred to casually as Senior Projects. Senior Projects are an important component of the undergraduate education of the Electrical Engineering students at Cooper Union. I have had the privilege of advising Senior Projects several times during my years at Cooper Union, during which I have been blown away by many great projects. I am including the catalog data related to the courses along with links (above and below) to information about a few projects from my section over the years.

Example Projects:

Catalog Data:

ECE 395 and ECE 396 constitute the year-long senior design project. Students work in small groups on projects chosen with the advice and consent of the faculty adviser. Projects may be oriented towards research or product development, and may be in any area of electrical and computer engineering, such as in: computer engineering, signal processing (imaging, sensor arrays, multimedia), telecommunications, computer networks, microwaves, optics, advanced electronics, VLSI chip design, or an interdisciplinary area such as robotics or bioengineering. Students perform all aspects of project management, such as scheduling, budgeting, system design and developing milestones, as well as technical work including hardware and software implementation, testing and performance evaluation. Students also give several spontaneous and rehearsed oral presentations and prepare written reports. Students attend weekly lectures covering: social, economic, legal and ethical issues; safety and laboratory practice; design methodologies; technical writing; preparation of multimedia presentations and tailoring presentations to target audiences.