Stanislav Mintchev

Associate Professor of Mathematics


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Stanislav Mintchev is a mathematician working in the area of applied dynamical systems, where he uses a combination of numerical methods and rigorous analytical techniques to study models inspired by biological and physical systems. He studied Mathematics at New York University's Courant Institute, where he completed a Doctor of Philosophy degree with specialization in dynamical systems. Prior to his graduate training, he completed bachelor of science degrees with honors in Physics and Mathematics at The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Dr. Mintchev's research focuses on the study of organization phenomena in spatially extended dynamical systems. Among such phenomena, traveling wave solutions are of particular interest because they constitute signals that are transmitted perfectly across a medium, and thus have an important signal-processing interpretation in the physical and life sciences. To date, Dr. Mintchev has been interested in studying existence and stability properties of traveling wave solutions in several models of pulse-coupled phase oscillators. These models are derived from mathematical neuroscience and stand among the many paradigms for the behavior of networks of neurons. Dr. Mintchev is also interested applying dynamical systems ideas to statistical data mining, pattern recognition, and machine learning.

An avid teacher, Dr. Mintchev is passionate about the communication of mathematical thought to his students. He strives to introduce students to the rigorous presentation of fudamental ideas in mathematics, with the perspective that these ideas - no matter how abstract - find immediate applications in science and engineering. To date, he has taught Introduction to Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability, and the three introductory Calculus courses, as well as independent study courses in point-set and algebraic topology. He looks forward to teaching the required upper-level courses for the Minor in Mathematics; among these are theoretical Linear Algebra, Advanced Calculus, and Modern Algebra. In the near future, he will be offering elective courses in Numerical Methods, Boundary Value Problems, and Dynamical Systems. Dr. Mintchev also assists Dr. Smyth (Dept. of Mathematics) in preparing Cooper Union undergraduates to take the Putnam Examination.

In his spare time, Dr. Mintchev enjoys independent film and music. He is a long-distance runner and has (unofficially) represented Cooper Union at the Cooper River Bridge Run (no relation to the institution) in Charleston, South Carolina.