Ruben Savizky

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Ph.D., Chemistry 2005
    Yale University
    Research Advisors: Prof. David J. Austin and Prof. Donald M. Crothers
    Dissertation: “Synthetic and Biophysical Efforts Toward an Understanding of RNA Structure”

M.S., Chemistry 2000
    Yale University
B.E., Chemical Engineering 1998
    The Cooper Union
    Summa Cum Laude Graduate

Professor Ruben M. Savizky, Ph.D., a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, received his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from The Cooper Union, and his M.S. and Ph.D. in chemistry from Yale University. Professor Savizky’s graduate work involved the synthesis of small molecule inhibitors for RNA-protein interactions, particularly those involved in HIV-1 replication. Professor Savizky thus learned many laboratory techniques, such as organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biological assays, and spectroscopy. His current research interests include bioinformatics, computer-based docking of ligand-RNA interactions, combinatorial chemistry, pattern recognition in spectroscopy, and applications of nanotechnology to chemistry and biology. Professor Savizky is dedicated to undergraduate education, having been a teaching assistant for two years while a graduate student, and currently teaching numerous courses in the chemistry department at Cooper Union. He also values the importance of assisting high school students, particularly those with minority backgrounds. As an undergraduate, he volunteered as a math and science tutor for minority students, and also supervised a group of sophomores and juniors who were interested in pharmaceutical research by serving as a teaching assistant for a chemistry Summer High School Engineering Research Internship Program.