Carl Sable

Professor of Computer Engineering

Cognitive Communications Gateway Engine

This project, which went through multiple phases spanning 2009 through 2013, was funded by the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program of the Department of Defense. The goal of the project was to create a gateway that is capable of translating signals of different waveforms to allow communication between otherwise incompatible devices. The project was a collaborative effort between Cooper Union and MaXentric Technologies, a small business with an office in Fort Lee, NJ, that employs several Cooper Union alumni. We completed both Phase I and Phase II of the project (including Phase I and Phase II Options). Information related to the Phase II portion of the award can be found here, and information related to the Phase I portion fo the award can be found here.

Phase II of the project resulted in a system that we have named the Congitive Communication Gateway Engine. Relying on software defined radios provided by Rockwell Collins, our system allows video and audio chat across two waveforms or video streaming across two waveforms. The Gateway intercepts and translates signals, and it transcodes video signals to a lower bitrate when necessary (i.e., if the destination does not support the bandwidth of the source). The Phase II Option explored additional signal types and more intelligent translation.

Students who worked on the project:

  • Victor Chen
  • Hadar Cohen
  • Ethan Elenberg
  • YouHyun Kim
  • Andrew Leader
  • Andrew Massimino
  • Jordan Perr
  • Christopher Sang
  • Deian Stefan