Carl Sable

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Master's Students

Completed Theses:

  • Miraj Patel, "Detection of Maliciously Authored News Articles", December 2017.
  • Hetian Wu, "Hierarchical Prior Joint Aspect Sentiment Topic Modelling", September 2017.
  • Eugene Sokolov, "On Software Development Project Management: Feature Selection and Model Analysis for Predicting Jira Issue Attributed", April 2017.
  • Marc Kurtz, "Computer Detection of Serrated Adenomas in Colon Biopsies", April 2017.
  • Josh Herzberg, "Compressed Searching Index using Bitwise Block Addressing", April 2017.
  • Noah Santacruz, "PSHAT - Part of Speech Handling for Aramaic in the Talmud", April 2017.
  • Hillel Weintraub, "Hyperspectral Image Classi cation Using Deep Neural Networks", September 2016.
  • Nicolas Avrutin, "Spatial Hashing for Pose Clustering in GPU Point Pair Feature Registration", September 2016.
  • Elie Weintraub, "PDF Table Extraction", May 2016.
  • Elliot Rappaport, "Facial Recognition Using Sparse Signal Representation and Dictionary Learning", May 2016.
  • Sheryan Resutov, "Feature Exploration for Emotion Classification of Tweets", April 2016.
  • Harrison Zhao, "Sentiment Analysis using Dependency Tree based Syntactic N-grams as Classification Features", April 2016.
  • Caleb Leibowitz, "Estimation of the Number of Authors of a Multi-Author Document", April 2015.
  • David Katz, "An Efficient Index for Computation of Approximate Nearest Neighbors with Query Specified Deminsion Relevance Weights", April 2015.
  • Derek Toub, "Post-ordering for Korean to English Statistical Machine Translation", April 2014.
  • Christopher Hong, "Sarcasm Detection Incorporating Context & World Knowledge", April 2014.
  • Keun Young Park, "Statistical Machine Translation of Korean Verbs to English Using a Bilingual Corpus and Accounting for Context", December 2013.
  • Howard Yee, "Automated JavaScript Refactoring", May 2013.
  • Ari Finkel, "Parallelizing a Monte Carl Method Using a Multi-Core CPU and a GPU", May 2012.
  • George Todorov, "Efficient Pre-Computation for Bispectrum Based Features for Rotation and Translation Invariant Image Recognition", December 2011.
  • Brian W. Cheung, “Hybrid Evolution of Convolutional Neural Networks”, May 2011.
  • Eugene Belilovsky, “Convolutional Neural Networks for Speaker-Independent Speech Recognition”, May 2011.
  • Kwame-Lante Wright, “Denial of Service Intrusion Detection System for SIP-based VOIP”, May 2011.
  • Kenneth Lam, “Go Artificial Intelligence Using Monte Carlo Tree Search Methods”, May 2011.
  • Joshua Blachman, “NEVA: An Automated Summarizer for Narrative Texts”, April 2011.
  • Subodh Shrestha, “Discovering Deep-web Sources and Extracting Content Using Automated Query Generation”, December 2010.
  • Christopher Mitchell, “Applications of Convolutional Neural Networks to Facial Detection and Recognition for Augmented Reality and Wearable Computing”, May 2010.
  • Yakov Okshtein, “RecycleBot 2.0: An Integrated Recycling Sorting and Separating System”, October 2009.
  • Mohammed Billoo, “TinySARP: A Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Trust Metrics”, April 2009.
  • Zhihan Zhou, “The Use of Speech Recognition Accuracy as an Objective Measurement for the Evaluation of Three Codecs”, December 2008.
  • Nathan Lewis, "Distributed Particle Swarm Optimization Implementation with Applications in Feed-Forward Neural Networks", May 2008.
  • Oluwadamilola Omojola, "GRIND: Finite Domain Integer Constraint Programming in C++", May 2008.
  • Bijun Tan, "Combining DNA Microarray Data to Improve the Stability and Accuracy of Linear Discriminant Analysis", May 2008.
  • Terence Magno, "Signal-Based Timbre Similarity Measures for Automatic Music Recommendation", October 2007.
  • Qing Yuan, "A Biophysical Study of Cationic Polymers Used for Non-Viral Gene Therapy Delivery Using Continuous Configurational Biased Direct Monte Carlo Method", May 2007.
  • Gaurav Namit, "Optimization of CMOS Analog Amplifiers Using Genetic Algorithms", May 2006.