Carl Sable

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Senior Projects > Wi-less Gauss

The project by Sheryan Resutov, Eugene Sokolov, and Harrison Zhao involved the creation of a glove-based device that can be used to control a mouse cursor, replacing a traditional mouse. The students fully succeeded at implementing their proposed functionality, and their final device enables the wearer to move the mouse cursor, execute left and right mouse clicks, and scroll up or down, all based on movements of their hand and three fingers. Furthermore, the device is wireless, light-weight, and surprisingly intuitive to use. This project was a finalist in the 2016 "Dream it. Code it. Win it." Contest, and it won their "Award for Ingenuity", which came a $10,000 prize.

Abstract from Sheryan's, Eugene's, and Harrison's final paper:

We have created a wireless glove with embedded sensors for the purpose of translating hand gestures into computer cursor actions. The wireless glove (Wi-less Gauss) aims to replace a traditional surface mouse. Wi-less Gauss allows the user to intuitively control computer cursor movements using hand gestures without sacri cing the speed of a traditional surface mouse. Hand gesture data is captured through flex sensors, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope. Sensor data is transmitted to the computer via a wireless Arduino chip and processed in a Java application, where sensor data is translated to mouse movements.

Below is a video presentation prepared by the students describing their project.