Robert Dell

Director, Center for Innovation and Applied Technology

EID 300: Special Research Project/ Summer Abroad

Iceland study abroad STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM



     Prof. Dell Initiated and established a continuing Study Abroad program that has brought 64 Cooper Union Engineering students to conduct research in Iceland, in affiliation with the University of Iceland since 2008. There are now additional formal agreements with Reykjavik University and The Keilir Institute of Technology.









     A  number of University of Iceland engineering students have spent a year at The Cooper Union as part of this reciprocal agreement between the institutions.

     The Cooper students work with Prof. Dell on the geothermal heated Iceland gardens for half of their stay. A number Cooper Union graduate students have also worked on the heated gardens in Iceland. This has resulted in 24 peer reviewed conference papers and journal articles that have the students cited as contributors and sometimes  co-authors.

Cooper Union Students


Daniel Abes, David Hong, Sally Na, Jabin Pu


Christopher E, Daniel Feyman, Jing Jin,  Justin Jose, Di Yi Liu, Sanjev Menon, James Ngai, Alinur Rahim


Hou Chong Cheng,  Chengyin Jaing,  Wei Tin,  Issei  Yamada


Mathew Cavalaro,  Monica Chen, Taekyoung Lee, Yueyue Li, Harrison Milne,  Ashish Pokharel,  Jordan Selig


Tina Elias, Karan Gill, Ben Greenberg, Aman Grewal, Gisel Orizondo


Peter Ascoli, Malcolm Dell, Rose Carla Guerrier, Mimosa Miller, Nicholas Mitchell, Russell Sternlicht, Chun Yi (Judy) Wu


William Foley, Alice Yang, Anthony Sanfilippo, Leticia Lew, Carolina Condraco- Quesada


Victor Chen, Bobby Yankou, William Foley, Nicholas Powel, Kyle Ng, Jessica Chu, Daniel Gologorskiy


Eric Ginzberg,Taylor Knoblock, Melody Ma, Sara Nodroff, Subashis Paul, Nick Rotella, Matthew Schoen


Yelena Ilin, Samantha Massengill,  Takuya Otani, Gina Magnotti, James Baker, Kimberly Wong,  Chrystina  Sorrentini


Michael  David, Wo Chen, Constantine Georgantzas