Robert Dell

Director, Center for Innovation and Applied Technology

The Center for Innovation and Applied Technology

Center for Innovation and Applied Technology


The Center for Innovation and Applied Technology [CIAT] is an interdisciplinary research and educational resource that provides answers to our technological and productivity challenges. We link bold and innovative concepts with successful planning and practical implementation strategies. Robert Dell is the Founding Director.

Innovation is the result when creative conceptualizations are developed and brought to market. Inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs are needed to make lasting societal contributions. We enable collaborations between the Cooper Union community and distinguished mentors from the alumnae, industry and educational institutions who contribute their time, insights, and resources.

Applied skill sets are required to develop, fund, and ultimately bring to market a successful product. The Center will provide the Cooper Union and its students with a supportive and flexible research and learning laboratory based upon real world problem solving.

Technology depends upon the skills of numerous disciplines and lateral thinkers.  CIAT will make a difference by solving some of today’s challenges by providing a forum where the disciplines can be merged. This will create a supportive environment for the development of the visionaries and leaders who can be tomorrow’s Peter Cooper.

CIAT projects include Regenerative Braking in Elevators, Thermoelectric Generator, and Heated Garden Project: New York City and Iceland. 

The CIAT Laboratory for Energy Reclamation and Innovation [LERI] was established in 2006. Located at the Albert Nerken School of Engineering, LERI is a research and teaching venue for addressing current energy problems. The Laboratory aims to address inefficiencies in energy uses through design and innovation, particularly by utilizing discarded waste energy found in almost every system.. LERI specializes in micro-green energy solutions and new uses for existing energy resources.

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