Robert Dell

Director, Center for Innovation and Applied Technology

EID/ME 105 Drawing and Sketching for Engineers

EID 105 Drawing and Sketching for Engineers (same as ME 105)

This course introduces engineering students to the fundamentals of freehand drawing and sketching with an emphasis on the interpretation and communication of insights, concepts and dimensioned solutions. Drawings  and sketches are often the first steps in innovative engineering solutions and invention. The primary goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive
foundation in traditional drawing and sketching methods for engineers. 2 credits. Prerequisites: none

      Professional Engineers need the ability to accurately communicate concepts, proportions, and dimensions using freehand drawing techniques.  Engineers’ drawing and sketches are an integral part of the historical record of the engineering process.  They must be accurate and universally understandable. A drawing or sketch is a physical manifestation of clarity of thought and proportional understanding.

       Accuracy, the first and often neglected step in any drawing, is emphasized.  This is not just a course in drawing and sketching. Non-verbal communication skills and observation techniques will be presented. A number of systems that enable accuracy and clarity of thought will be stressed.

Prof. Robert Dell is the originator of this course