Robert Dell

Director, Center for Innovation and Applied Technology

ME 393/394 Senior Capstone Design


Senior Projects Supervised

Partial List


Enhanced Sonar Resolution Incorporating Structural Aspects of Whale Ears

  Jay Dalal, Blanca Quiralte, Olga Shishkov

Passive Fire Alarm

  Mark Lee, Johnny Leon Chu, Ben Zichettello

Regenerative Energy Recovery Concept for Elevators

  Sean Heo, Nick Powel


Waste Steam Energy Reclamation

  Jonathan Rodriguez, William Foley, Andrew Yee, Petio Todorov

Online Remote monitoring and Control System for Green Roofs and Geothermal Heated Gardens

  Michael Galbo, Eric Ginzburg, Matt Schoen

Programmable Mold

   Hadi Jammal,Saman Farid 

Urban Gardens

   Gene Tabach,Cathy Hagan


   William Witter, Raymond Bekheet, Beatriz Ponce



Thermoelectric Generation from Consolidated Edison Steam Pipes

  Lucas Scalcione-Hahn, Chris Narrikkattu, Barkha Kumar, Rai Kondo, Seyoon Kim

Recycling Rainwater and Irrigation for Green Roofs and Gardens

  Rohan Chauhan,  Rene N. Makrinos, Natalie Mayslich

Autonomous levitation

  Anthony Morris

Wind and Solar Energy

  Anthony Tulino

Retractable Soldering Iron

  Pat McQuillan, Emanuel Kolkinas

Medical Thermal Imaging

  Carrie Cremin, MariePaino, Michelle Isoldi

Utilization of Waste Steam for the Heating of Rooftop Gardens

  Alex Bronfman

Innovative Composite Filter Design

  Sharon Markowitz Lauren Myers

Design of a Steam Trap Manhole Monitoring System

  William Brian Theordor

Performance Analysis of Thermoelectric Power Generation Systems

  Ho Young Yoon, Andy Sung-Yong Park

The Constant Combustion Screw Engine

  Stephen Dennis, Shivani Desai

Magnetic muscle

  Jae M. Cho, Kensun Gong, Taeyoung Lee, Jeffrey Tyc

Investiagtion of Low Curie Point alloys for use in a Temeprature-Sensitive Relay

  Paul Kassebaum, Michael Petralia

Temperature and Pressure Sensitive Pipe Diameters

  Michael Granat

The Effect of Temperature on the Efficiency of Solar Panels

  Marissa Miracolo, Stephen Peluso

Development of a Battery Backup Circuit for a Thermoelectric Generator Powered Steam Metering System

  José Abarca,Rachael Tlumak

Enhanced Convection Heat Sink  

  Jenny He