Jameel Ahmad

Chairman of Civil Engineering

Protecting NYC's Coastal Communities

The New York Harbor is one of the City’s greatest assets that over the years helped establish the City as the leading financial center in the world. But the harbor has recently been vulnerable to the extreme storm events that have deluged the East Coast, flooding lower Manhattan and parts of the subway system. There is an urgent need to prevent a recurrence of this tragedy through bold and creative solutions. Complicating the picture is the fact that the current economic environment in the City and the country is not conducive to massive layouts of public monies for the necessary solutions.

In the past, New York City has led the Nation in infrastructure projects such as construction of the City’s subways, water reservoirs, skyscrapers, water pollution control technologies, and transportation networks. It will continue to play a pivotal leadership role in meeting the modern challenges: rehabilitating the City’s infrastructure, protecting New York Harbor and the City’s coastal communities, developing viable public-private financial partnerships, and developing and implementing sustainable design and construction practices.