Jameel Ahmad

Chairman of Civil Engineering

Fluid-Flow; Bio-Mechanics; Aerospace

  • Modeling Stratified Flow in Combined Sewer Overflow

    • Journal of HydraulicEngineering, ASCE, February 1, 1987
    Authors: Jameel Ahmad,  Joseph Cataldo, Ann Ronan, Llewellyn Thatcher

    Modeling of stratified overflows in combined sewer applications.

  • Nonlinear Acoustic Response of a Cylindrical Shell

    • Journal of the Franklin Institute, March 1, 1975
    • Author: Jameel Ahmad

    Nonlinear response of a shell using a cylindrical wave approximation is investigated.

  • The Contribution of the Three Columns of the Spine to Rotational Stability: A Biomechanical Model

    • Spine, v 14, n 7, July 1, 1989
    Authors: Jameel Ahmad,  Thomas Haher, William Felmy, Howard Baruch, Vincent Devlin, Daniel Welin, Michael O'Brien, Susan Parish, Joseph Valenza

    A biomechanical model is developed for the study of the contribution of the three columns of the spine to rotational stability

  • Undergraduate Asphalt Testing Laboratory

    • ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, 1998
    Authors: Jameel Ahmad, Vito Guido

    The development of an undergraduate asphalt testing laboratory for instructional and research uses at Cooper Union is described.

  • Post-September 11th Engineering Challenge: Protecting the Public and Civil Infrastructure Against Terrorism

    • Clockwork, School of Engineering, Cooper Union College, January 2003
    • Author: Jameel Ahmad

    A discussion of the challenges facing engineers to protect the public and civil infrastructure in the post- September 11th world.

  • Dynamic Post-Buckling Characteristics of Circular Plates

    • Journal of the Franklin Institute, January 1970
    • Author: Jameel Ahmad

    Non-linear buckling of circular plates under in-plane loads of a dynamic nature is studied. The deflections are approximated using a power series. FORTRAN programming was used to obtain digital solutions in the pre-software era.