Jameel Ahmad

Chairman of Civil Engineering

Textbook on Urban Security

Professor Jameel Ahmad is currently writing an engineering textbook on urban security. The textbook is a result of a course that Professor Ahmad developed in 2004 and has taught at Cooper Union over the past 7 years. The table of contents of the book is shown below:

Table of Contents 

Chapter 1: Introduction to Urban Security and Protective Design

Chapter 2: Blast Loading

Chapter 3: Blast Response of a Structure: Critical parameters

Chapter 4: Pressure-Impulse Diagrams

Chapter 5: Façade Glazing Design

Chapter 6: Blast Wall Systems

Chapter 7: Perimeter Security Design

Chapter 8: Prevention of Progressive Collapse

Chapter 9: New York City’s Risk Tier Guidelines for Buildings

Chapter 10: Underground Explosions

Chapter 11: Underwater Explosions