Jameel Ahmad

Chairman of Civil Engineering

Master's Theses Supervised Since 2000

Professor Jameel Ahmad has supervised the following master's theses at Cooper Union since 2000:

  • Lee, H. S., Steel Usage in Tall Buildings, 2000
  • Culella, N. A., A Comparison of Stainless Steel and CP Titatnium Compression Rods for the Anterior Instrumentation of Scoliosis, 2001
  • Dallal,  M., An Investigation of Construction Noise: Its Effects, Regulation, and Mitigation, 2001
  • Rahal, M.,  The Design of Steel Structures Under the Influence of Blast Loading,  2004
  • Alper,  J. B., Use of Seal Push Out Testing on Modular Bridge Expansion Joints, 2005
  • Ignacio, E. D., Offshore Marine Construction for Small Engineering Firms,  2005
  • Walsh,  M. E.,  Effective and Sustainable Water Resources Management: Linkages to Poverty Reduction, 2005
  • Bernstein,  J. E.,  Recommendations of the Implementation in New York City of Proactive Transportation Security Measures Modeled After Israeli Transportation Modes, 2006
  • Feldman, E. S.,  Design and Construction of a High-speed Electromechanically Governed Air Cushion Vehicle, 2006
  • Heinle, C., Comparative Analysis of Calculation Methodologies for Predicting the Response of Steel Structures to Fire, 2006
  • Yosef, S.,  Analysis of a Fleximesh System Due to Blast Loading,  (Jointly with Adam Young), 2006
  • Young, A.,  Analysis of a Fleximesh System Due to Blast Loading, (Jointly with Sabeel Yosef), 2006
  • Butler, S. E.,  Infrastructure Innovation Turning Public Works into Private Ventures,  2007
  • Janover, C. G.,   A Study on the Effectiveness of the NYPD's Recommendations on the Mititgation of Progressive Collapse from Blast Loading,  2010
  • Johnson, K. W., Green Construction: An Exploration of Best Practices for the Proactive Contractor,  2011
  • Khoshakhlagh, P., The Effect of Superplasticizers on the Water-Cement Ratio and on the Compressive Strenght of High Strength Concrete,  2011
  • Saad, T. A., Security Bollards Design and Requirements, 2011