Melody Baglione

Professor and George Clark Chair of Mechanical Engineering

Master's Theses

Data Analysis Tools for Evaluating Building Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions Goals, Nicholas Triano, 2022.

Development of Building Data Management Software and Analysis of Energy Savings from Condenser Water Reset Strategy, Oliver Zhang, 2021.

Analysis of Air System Operations and Nighttime Static Pressure Reset to Reduce Energy Consumption, Andrew Mosin, Air Handling Unit Analytics and Optimization, 2021

Chiller Plant Optimization to Reduce Building Energy Consumption, Andrew Chin, 2020

Use of Sankey Diagrams to Model Building Energy Flow and Visualize Savings from Optimizing Air Delivery Systems, William Lim, 2020

Personalized Head-Related Transfer Function from Anthropometric Features Using Two Machine Learning Models: Approach and Subjective Validation, MingYang (Raymond Lee), 2020

Analysis of Laboratory Exhaust Fan System for Multifunctional Academic Building, Zhichun 'Jack' Sun,  2019.

Analysis of the Cogeneration Impact on the Carbon Dioxide Emissions of an Urban Academic Campus, Sun Kwon, 2019.

Laboratory Ventilation Energy Conservation Measures, Chong Woo (John) Han, 2016. 

Development of a Calibrated Whole-Building Heat Balance Energy Model for a High-Performance Academic Building, Eric Ringold, 2016. 

Evaluation of Low-Cost Microphones and Sound Level Meter Applications for Voice Measurement, Michael Pimpinella, 2016. Click for for Journal of Voice and AJSLP publications.

Investigating thermal performance of double-skin perforated-sheet façade using multi-scale approach,  Woojae Kim, 2015. 

Technical and Economic Assessment of Cogeneration in an Urban Academic Building, Jonathan Rodriguez, 2014. Click here for poster.

Air Dispersion Characteristics and Thermal Comparison of Traditional and Fabric Ductwork using Computational Fluid Dynamics, Sriya Adhya, 2014.

Vehicle Simulation Analysis and Hardware-in-the-Loop Framework for Electric Vehicle Design and Optimization, David Hahm, 2012.

The Application of Numerical Methods and Artificial Intelligence to the Building Management System in a LEED Certified Academic Building (41 Cooper Square), Michael Sterman, 2012. Click here ASME publication.

Developing an Extensible and Concise Simulink Toolset for Hybrid Vehicle Modeling and Simulation, Burak Kanber, 2011. Click here for SAE publication.

Pneumatic Process Modeling and Experimentation for Model-Based Control, Brian Tovar, 2011.