George Delagrammatikas

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Study Abroad


The Study Abroad Program within the Albert Nerken School of Engineering allows students the flexibilty to explore the world from both technical and cultural perspectives.  Please see the link above for report archives.  Students must apply for their summer abroad experience before the middle of December of each calendar year for a program that takes place during the following summer.  An information session is generally given during late October/early November providing details.

Interschool partnerships have existed between schools in Austria, Spain, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Korea, Singapore, and England.  We are always looking to expand into other countries that students find opportunities that they are interested in.  Please consult Prof. Delagrammatikas ( for more details.

Administrative Details

Each student registers for 6 credits of EID 300 after they are accepted into the program and a host university is determined.  The program runs approximately 8 weeks during the summer.  Students are responsible for all living expenses; tuition is either reciprocated when the host university sends an exchange student to Cooper Union or if it is waived in lieu of the student's work effort.

Students in this course are required to submit two reports upon their return to Cooper Union in the fall semester after their study abroad.  These reports are 1) a technical report in the style of a journal article submitted to a professional engineering society which details the work they performed and 2) a cultural report that documents a historical account of the student's extracurricular experiences, including, but not limited to: museum visits, food, cultural events, and norms that all made an impression.  Examples of these reports are provided in the archive on this page.

December 2012 Update and News

Application deadline reminder - week of December 17th.  Your application materials are due this week, however, the recommendation letters will be accepted until the first week of January 2013.  Please remember to include how you anticipate this international experience will benefit you from technical and cultural perspectives.

January 2013 Update and News

I have received great interest in the international programs and have extended the deadline for this application to February 8th.  Please make sure that you receive a confirmation email after you submit your application.  Although there are already more students in this program than in previous years, more spots at host universities have become available.