George Delagrammatikas

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
Albert Nerken School of Engineering

Vehicle Simulation Analysis and
a Hardware-in-the-Loop Framework for
Electric Vehicle Design


David Byungin Hahm

A thesis submitted in partial ful llment of
the requirements for the degree of
Master of Engineering

May 8, 2012

Professor Melody Baglione and
Professor George Delagrammatikas

Vehicle simulations and hardware-in-the-loop simulations are performed to increase vehicle efficiency and performance while reducing development times and costs. Backward facing simulations of a series hybrid electric vehicle are performed to size powertrain components and optimize control strategy variables. Forward facing simulations of a conventional vehicle are performed to examine the e ffects of vehicle mass on engine operation. Simulations on a conventional vehicle with shifting schedules are performed using forward and backward facing calculations to examine the eff ects of calculation type on vehicle operation. Hardware-in-the-loop simulations of a battery electric vehicle are performed to verify and validate motor and motor controller operation. A method to perform closed loop hardware-in-the-loop simulations on a power absorbing eddy current dynamometer is explored.