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Chair of Physics

Phasor Addition Calculator -- Ph213

Cooper student Gregory Shikhman wrote a program to add 'phasors' in the language Javascript.  Phasors are mathematical representations of waves, such as light waves or sound waves.  When you add twor or more waves together with the same frequency, but with phase differences, you will produce interference and diffraction patterns.  
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Click on the link below to run the program, which allows you to change a number of parameters, such as how many phasors are passing through how many openings in an opaque screen.  The output of the program includes:
* how the multiple waves (each shown as a 'ray') are pointing towards a distant screen;
* the phasors for each wave, as well as the resultant phasor they produce when added together; 
* the intensity pattern for the resulting interference pattern produced on the distance screen. 

Phasor Addition Calculator