Alan Wolf

Chair of Physics

Electric Pong Game -- Ph213

A standard "Pong" game, with a little electromagnetic theory built in...

This program was written by Cooper students Jason Carnevale and Jonah Greenblatt.
Click on the program to download it and run it on a PC (sorry Mac users...)


When you get the screen that asks for parameters, feel free to ignore it and click on "Play Ball !!!!"

One player will use the "A" and "Z" keys to move their paddle.
The other player will use the up and down arrow keys to move their paddle.

This is a standard 'Pong' game, except that there is a line of positive charge that electrically repels the charged ball.  
The motion of the ball is determined by integrating differential equations for the ball, taking into account the electric field of the line of charge.

When you restart the game, feel free to add additional lines of charge of different strengths.