Alan Wolf

Chair of Physics

Scientific Photography -- student art portfolios -- Ph360

Students in the 'Scientific Photography' class each were required to submit a small
'Artistic Portfolio' in addition to their technical projects.  A few samples of this work
appear below.  This work was on display at The Houghton Gallery at The Cooper
Union from Dec. 2 through Dec. 9, 2012. 

Here is the catalog for the exhibit: How_do_we_look-catalog.pdf


Michael Pimpinella used the "Harris Shutter Technique" to produce photos
like the one below -- 3 consecutive photos have their color information cycled
through red-green-blue and are then merged.  The final image shows static
objects 'normally' but moving objects appear 3 times with color variations. 














 Eric Leong was fascinated by "motion blur."

















Ferdy Budhidharma painted with light.  Here he took a "chaotic triple pendulum" 
whose motion is wild and unpredictable, and used colored lights to emphasize
the non-repeating character of the motion.











Joann Lee took the same photo repeatedly, from the same location, starting
in the a.m. and continuing throughout the day.   The final merged photo shows
the evolution in the street scene during the course of one day.