Robert Q. Topper

Professor of Chemistry

Ch 110 General Chemistry

Textbook for Fall 2019: Chemistry 2E (OpenStax, 2019). See here:

Our introductory chemistry course is an accelerated treatment of approximately 2/3 of the topics covered in a typical yearlong freshman chemistry sequence. The course is team-taught by full-time and adjunct faculty.

Until very recently Ch 110 used an innovative "crit model" for instruction. In this model students solved problems individually or in groups, and came together for weekly "crit" sessions where they chose which problems to discuss and then collectively reviewed and critiqued one another's work. Students obtained differential benefits from learning a variety of problem-solving techniques from one another, with faculty guidance and correction. They also learned to rely on one another and begin to build themselves into a learning community. Unfortunately this model became impossible to utilize as of Fall 2018 due to an administrative decision to reduce the number of contact hours permitted for instruction.