Daniel Lepek

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Particle Technology (Graduate)

Particle Technology is a graduate elective course offered to both chemical engineering and mechanical engineering students.  This course was developed by Professor Daniel Lepek and was offered for the first time in Spring 2010. Professor Lepek is a strong advocate for particle technology education (especially at the undergraduate level).  He gave a talk at the 2010 AIChE Annual Meeting entitled, "Re-envisioning Particle Technology: Filling the Void(age) in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum."  He is also in the process of developing hands-on experimental modules to help teach particle technology.

The following is the catalog description:

ChE445 - Particle Technlogy: Introduction to particle technology and multiphase flow. Particle properties and characterization. Granular materials and flow. Gas-solid flows. Fluidization, pneumotransport, separations. Mixing and segregation. Particle size reduction and enlargement. Aerosol dynamics. Industrial petrochemical and pharmaceutical processes: fluid catalytic cracking, gas cyclones, hoppers, granulation, coating.

The following file is the most recent syllabus for the course: 

The textbook used for this course is Introduction to Particle Technology (Martin Rhodes; John Wiley & Sons, 2nd Edition).









The following file is the course announcement which highlights the content of the course:

The following cartoon summarizes this course:













Please contact Professor Daniel Lepek (lepek@cooper.edu) if you are interested in learning more about this course, particularly in regards to incorporating hands-on educational modules.