Daniel Lepek

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Heat and Mass Transfer (Undergraduate)

Heat and Mass Transfer is a required core course in the undergraduate chemical engineering curriculum.  The following is the catalog description:

ChE141 - Heat and Mass Transfer: Introduction to heat and mass transfer. Steady-state and unsteady-state heat transfer. Steady-state and unsteady-state mass transfer. Interphase transport and transfer coefficients. Convective heat and mass transfer. Internal and external forced convection. Heat transfer equipment. Natural convection. Boiling and condensation. Radiation heat transfer.

The following file is the most current syllabus used for the course:

Professor Lepek has also been a major proponent of including computational and process simulation in the heat and mass transfer course.  Throughout the course, students work on projects utilizing both COMSOL Multiphysics to study processes employing microscale transport phenonena, and Pro/II Provision to perform calculations for heat exchanger design.  The following is a poster he presented on this topic at the 2012 ASEE Chemical Engineering Summer School in Orono, ME:


In developing this course, Professor Lepek has tried to stress the following skills: conceptual understanding, critical thinking, computational literacy, and communication skills.  These are outlined on the following slide:

Please contact Professor Daniel Lepek (lepek@cooper.edu) if you are interested in learning more about this course, particularly in regards to incorporating computational and process simulation into the heat and mass transfer course.