Jennifer Weiser

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

Body Tracking Projects in Bioengineering

Projects involve collaborations with Professors Mili Shah (MATH) and Dr. Joao Enxuto (SoA). Projects include developing a physiologically equivalent hand that can be controlled to copy motion. The project uses common video capture devices to create a hand tracking algorithm and then uses that data to power the 3D printed hand. The work for this will be adapted to modules for the SoA. Part of this work was presented by the students at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (ICEME) conference in 2022.

 Another project is with a group of students working toward developing a mechanical assist device for an individual who has lost motion from their upper bicep down. This would enable the individual to grasp objects and regain some ability to perform tasks with two hands.

A third project involves a group of students who are creating e-Textiles to develop wearable sensors. The students polymerize conducting polymers on fabric to create light weight, wearable devices that detect changes in resistance. Part of the work was presented at the Society for Women Engineers (SWE) national conference in 2022. 



  • Conference Proceeding – SWE 2022 – Esther Whang (presenter) – “E-Textile Origami Accordion with DIY Textile Sensors” (Whang, E. Awarded 1st Place in the Undergraduate Collegiate Poster Competition)
  • Conference Proceeding – ICEME 2022 – Michelle Katz, Evan Kluger, Kanghyuk Lee, Benjamin Meiner – “The Ai Rock Paper Scissors Machine