Jennifer Weiser

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

Creating a low-cost, open-source syringe pump (NYU)

Partnered with Dr. Simon Peron, Assistant Professor of Neural Science at NYU, to design and develop an open-source syringe pump. Many chemical and biological processes require pumps that can precisely control the volume or flow rate. Syringe pumps consist of a syringe attached to a linear actuator, driven by an external motor driver and microcontroller. The goal is to create inexpensive syringe pumps to be used for a variety of purposes, such as electrospinning and the delivery of a reward in animal neurological experiments.


  • Conference Proceeding – AIChE 2020 abstract – Paulo Serodio (presenter) – “Design and Operation of a Low-Cost, Open-Source Syringe Pump for Electrospinning Applications
  • Undergraduate Independent Study – Paulo Serodio – “Design and Operation of a Low-Cost, Compact Syringe Pump”