Toby Cumberbatch

Professor of Electrical Engineering

EID357 Sustainable Design and Development

There is general acknowledgement that humankind is facing a complex set of inter-related problems associated with the future availability of, and access to, potable water, food, material resources and environmentally benign sources of energy – humankind is effectively looking at the requirements for its own survival.

The engineering challenges are formidable – almost incomprehensible – yet it is likely that simple processes that emulate nature will provide truly sustainable pathways to ensure our future.

In this course, the elements of true holistic sustainable design are addressed through a series of lectures and workshops loosely grouped into: the Commons, Water, Energy, Materials, Shelter, Food, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Geoengineering and Sustainable Design – Materials, Minimalism, Aesthetics and Lessons from the Developing World.

            All students are required to complete a project that addresses a real problem in a real place.