Toby Cumberbatch

Professor of Electrical Engineering

ECE195 Electrical Engineering Projects III


           The class will meet in Room 106CS at 2.10 p.m., exactly. Attendance is mandatory; I expect you to be punctual and partake in all class discussions. If you are unable to attend, please inform me beforehand unless circumstances preclude such. This period is for informal lectures, presentations, discussions/debates, project group meetings and will include visits from external speakers. For the remainder – I will meet each section individually. Outside this time, expect me to wander around your bench and ask questions. If your bench is empty, it is difficult to assess your progress.

           At intervals throughout the semester, all EE Senior Project sections will meet for varied activities that will include activities to encourage you to think about the non-technical aspects of engineering such as your social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.

           Each individual must maintain a bound laboratory notebook; loose-leaf folders are not acceptable. The purpose of this is to enable someone else to reproduce your work should you meet with an untimely accident. Ensure that you record all relevant information so that you may recall exactly why you did something; whether the results were expected or totally unexpected and any conclusions that you reached at the time. It is also useful to use your notebook as a diary to record phone numbers and addresses, companies that you called, dates that orders were placed, with whom you spoke and so on. Your notebook is a very important document. It will be required for assessment at the end of the semester. Well-maintained notebooks will enhance your grade.

           In early October, individuals will be designated as group leaders on a rotating basis for periods of two weeks starting on 10/09/12. At the termination of each period, the outgoing group leader is required to submit a 1 page written report detailing the group’s activities from the perspective of theoretical and practical progress, design, orders and expenditure. The report will be required when you enter the classroom or may be emailed on the day. The first such report is due on 10/23/12. Submission of the report is your responsibility; the format of the report is unspecified – use your imagination.

           Compliance with this schedule is your responsibility. Submission of assignments on the correct day is your responsibility – for example, the written project proposals for each group are due at 2.10 p.m. on 09/25/12. If you are unable to complete an assignment – talk to me or email me prior to the submission deadline. Assignments unavailable at the deadline will be awarded an F. Written assignments and verbal presentations that are significantly shorter than the required length will impact your final grade. If you are having problems – seek advice. Note that if you have to submit eight pages, you will probably need to start with at least twelve.

           Unless otherwise stated, written work must conform to the following specifications:

                  Font – 12 pt Serif               Line Spacing – 1½ Lines                 Margins – 1 in

                  Numbered Pages, Chapters and Sections

                  Use IEEE Format for Figures, References etc. See instructions in supplied documents and



Tentative Schedule:

  • September 11th -Design Assessment: Each individual will choose a cool object.
  • September 25th - Project Proposal: Each group will submit 1 Page text + 1 Page drawings minimum

                                               - Class Outing: The Low Line

  • October 2nd - LibraryWorkshop: Searching for and Evaluating Information
  • October 9th – Graduate School Application: 4pm – 6pm (Open Forum)
  • October 16th - Technical Writing: Each individual will submit an Abstract (1 Page), a Chapter (8 Pages) and relevant drawings about completed work/research.
  • October 23rd - Project Schedule: Each group will submit a project schedule electronically (in the form of an Excel spreadsheet) containing a list of tasks and to whom they have been assigned; a list of components, their estimated cost, supplier(s) and either their estimated delivery or construction date. Each group will prepare a ten-minute presentation (with no more than three visual aids) about their end of semester goals and the principal obstacles they face. One person from each group, selected at random, will give the presentation.

                                - Technical WritingWorkshop: Cooper Union Writing Center.

  • October 30th -Critique: Each group will prepare a 3ft x 4ft poster (using the most economic media) for participation in a disciplined, systematic critique of your project conducted by your peers and faculty from the Schools of Engineering, Art and Architecture and the Faculty of Humanities.
  • November 6th -Group Presentation: Each group will give a 10-minute presentation to all EE Seniors.
  • November 13th -Individual Presentation: Each individual will give a 15-minute presentation on a technical topic upon or related to their Project. Electronic copies of your presentation must be submitted. Your presentation will be filmed and you will be required to complete a short critique of your overall performance.
  • November 20th -Project Report: Each individual will submit an Abstract (1 Page), an introductory Chapter (10 pages) and relevant drawings that describe their individual contribution to the project. Each group will submit a structured table of contents.
  • December 4th - Presentation Report: Each individual will submit a completed form assessing their individual presentation delivered on 11/13/12.

                                  -Critique: Each group will prepare a 3ft x 4ft poster (using the most economic media) for participation in a disciplined, systematic critique of your project conducted by your peers and faculty from the Schools of Engineering, Art and Architecture and the Faculty of Humanities.

  • December 11th – 13th (Tuesday – Thursday) -Project Review: Each group must see me during this period for a comprehensive review of their project: they must present pertinent data, working hardware/software to hand – and, all outstanding problems must be discussed.
  • December 18th - Final Presentation and Report: Each group will give a 15-minute presentation; this will include a full description of the work being undertaken and the current status of the project. Demonstrations of working modules should be incorporated if available.


Final semester reports are due before the final presentation. Your document will contain a table of contents, abstract and individual contributions properly linked together. A CD containing a copy of the report, your final presentation, your schedule, your expenditure, copies of any electronic papers and documentation, and any data pertinent to your work.

T. J. Cumbebatch