Toby Cumberbatch

Professor of Electrical Engineering

ECE142 Electronic Circuits II

ECE 142 Circuits and Electronics II

 1.     Single Transistor BJT Amplifiers

2.     Multi-Transistor BJT Amplifiers

3.     Field Effect Transistors – Physics, Operating Conditions, Small Signal Model

4.     DC Analysis of MOSFET Transistor Circuits

5.     Single Transistor MOSFET Amplifiers

6.     Analog Circuit Building Blocks

7.     MOS and BJT Operational Amplifiers

8.     Frequency Response

9.     Feedback

10.  Low Voltage Circuits – An Introduction

SPICE:           Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis – HSpice for us.


Textbook:      Fundamentals of Microelectronics - Behzad Razavi (Wiley First Edition).

 Notes: A selection of notes will be distributed – if you find a mistake – please let me know.


Each week an assignment will be distributed. Handwritten solutions to the questions will be available the following week. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to complete the assignments that will be collected at random.

 Tests and Examinations:

The Mid-Term Examination will be of two hours duration; the Final Examination of three hours duration. In addition there will be at least four one-hour tests scattered throughout the semester.

 Office Hours:

Tue/Wed/Thurs when in Cooper Union and not in class.


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