Amanda Simson

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering


Derek Ni (ChE '18) and Peter Zhao (ChE '20) did oral presentations at the AIChE 2019 Annual Meeting. Derek's abstract can be found here: Kinetic Studies on the CO2 Gasification of Biochar for Use with SOFCs As a Bioenergy with Carbon     Capture and Sequestration (BECCS) Process and Peter's extended abstract can be found here: Miscanthus Sacchariflorus Bioenergy Production

Check out this Poster_Presentation given by student Dave Chun (ChE '19) at the AIChE Bioenergy Sustainability Conference in Nashville in October 2019.

And check out this Research_Poster on our alternative BECCS project at Cooper Climate Week (September, 2019) made with the help of art student Aden Bailey (A'19)!