Amanda Simson

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

Engineering Design: Re-envisioning Waste

Engineering Design and Problem Solving (EID-101): I am the course coordinator for EID101, the Engineering School’s first year engineering design course. Each year, students form multidisciplinary teams to work on a project for the entire semester. We have made some recent updates to the course, including adding in upperclass Teaching Assistants to act as mentors for student projects. The current topic of my course is Re-envisioning Waste. Below are some projects from my students:

2020: Re-envisioning Waste (you can watch the problem statement introduction video here)

Group 1: Repurposing Brewery Waste   

Group 2: Tackling Restaurant Waste

Group 3: Our Food Renewed

2019: Engineering for the Future: Designing an Educational Exhibit on Climate Change

Below is a video of one of the student projects that developed an artificial tree with carbon capture "leaves" and check out this poster a student team made about their video game for people to learn about the carbon balance and renewable energy. 

2018: Don’t breathe the Air: Engineering an Exhibit on the 1970 Clean Air Act