George Sidebotham

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Complete Course List


EID 101          Engineering Design and Problem Solving

ESC 100          Engineering Mechanics

ESC 130          Engineering Thermodynamics

ESC 140          Fluid Mechanics and Flow Systems

ESC 170          Material and Energy Balances

ChE 151          Process Simulation and Mathematical Techniques for Chemical Engineers

ME 130           Advanced Thermodynamics

ME 131           Energetics

ME 140           Gas Dynamics

ME 142           Heat Transfer: Fundamentals and Design Applications

ME 160           Engineering Experimentation

ME 161           Instrumentation and Measurement

ME 162           Experimentation

ME 163           Mechanical Engineering Projects

ME 164           Capstone Senior ME Design

ME 330           Advanced Engine Concepts

ME 334           Combustion

ME 340           Advanced Aerodynamics

ME 363           Selected Topics in Mechanical Engineering

ME/ChE 434   Special Topics in Combustion

ME/ChE 435   Transport Processes in Internal Combustion Engines

EID 440          Advanced Fluid Mechanics

EID 441          Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer