George Sidebotham

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Masters Thesis Advisement



“Design Methodology for Vapor-Compression  Based Ice-Water Reservoirs” by Wei Dai, May, 2012.


“Design of an Undergraduate Laboratory to Demonstrate the Principles of Pre-mixed Flashback Flames into Opposed Flow” by Andrew Fodor, May 2012.


“Experimental Investigation of Pre-mixed Flames Propagating into an Opposed Flow”, by Robert Lesniewski, May 2012.


“Affordable Data Acquisition and Process Control of a Heated Green Roof Prototype Bed” by Alexander Bronfman, November, 2011, co-advised with Robert Dell.


“The Integration of the Cooper Cooling Process into a Freezer Door” by Thomas W. Crimmins.  May, 2011.


“ Incorporation of the Cooper Cooling Process into Household Refrigeration” by Michael Guittierez, May 2009.


“Scaling the Cooper Cooling Process” by John P. Hilton, May 2007.


“An Experimental Study of Heat Transfer to a Human Extremity using Water as a Convection Medium” by Yoon Geu Kim, December 2004.


“The Effect of a Finite Reservoir on the Cooper Cooling Process “ by Jaime Cacheiro, May 2004.


“Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Diffusion Flames at Low Peclet Numbers“ by Marco Alves, May 2004.


“The Gasification and Ignition of Polyvinyl Choride Endotracheal Tubes by a Surgical Carbon Dioxide Laser” by Calvin Chan, May 2000.


“A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Between a Film of Water and a Rotating Cylinder” by Neal I. Kwait, May 1999.


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“The Potential Severity of Explosion During Gastrointestinal Surgery” by Ricardo Drilon, May 1996.


“Experimental Investigation of the Ignition of Polyvinyl Chloride Tracheal Tubes by a Surgical Carbon Dioxide Laser” by Dowlatram R. Somrah, May 1996.


“Flammability of Simulated Intestinal Gas during Nitrous Oxide Anesthesia” by Douglas M. Stoffa, May 1996.


“The Design of an Electronic Laser Controller and Flow Ventilator for Testing the Effects of Endotracheal Tube Fires” by Stanley C.  Lo, December 1995.  Co-advised with Prof. Richard Costello and Prof. Stephen Ben-Avi.


"Laser Ignition of Intraluminal Tube Flames:  A Preliminary Characterization and Gasification Models" by Jacques Mallah, March, 1995.


"A Comparative Theoretical Study of Whole Body Bioheat Transfer" by Nasir J. Awan, November 1994.  Co-advised with Prof. Caleb Charny.


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