Om Agrawal

Chair of Mathematics

Fall 2012

  • Ma 223: Vector Calculus

Double and triple integrals and their applications. Vector fields. Gradient, divergence and curl. Line and surface integrals. Theorems of Green, Gauss and Stokes. Path independence of line integrals. 2 credits. Prerequisites: Ma 110 and Ma 113.

  • Ma 224.1: Probability and Statistics

This course deals with sample spaces, random variables, probability. Distribution and density functions. Expectation. Mean and variance. Moments and generating function. Central limit theorem. Point estimation. Confidence intervals. Hypothesis tests. Chi-square. ANOVA. Estimations, sampling theory. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Ma 113; corequisite Ma 223

  • Ma 417: Mathematics of Medical Imaging (Independent Study)

Mathematical basis for various medical imaging methods including CT, MRI, PET. Radon transform, tomography (recovery from projections), inverse problems, artifacts and noise. Mathematical physics of related topics such as wave propagation, signal generation and detection, quantum mechanics. 3 credits. Prerequisites: Ma 240, Ma 326 or permission of instructor