Om Agrawal

Chair of Mathematics

Spring 2012

  • Ma 351: Advanced Calculus II

Uniform convergence. Differentitation of transformations, inverse and implicit function theorems. Applications to geometry and analysis. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Ma 350

  • Ma 415: Wavelets and Multiresolution Imaging

This course is co-taught by Prof. Fontaine of the EE Department and Prof. Agrawal of the Math Department.  The course, intended to introduce topics of current research interest and emphasize the symbiotic relationship between mathematics and electrical engineering, was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation.

The textbook for Spring 2012 was S. Mallat, A Tour of Wavelet Signal Processing: The Sparse Edition, Academic Press, 3rd. ed.  Significant additional reference materials were used.  The emphasis was on the modern concepts of sparse representation of signals and applications, especially for multidimensional signals.  The theory of frames and sampling lattices, as well as "conventional" wavelet theory, were presented. Students used the Wavelet Toolbox of MATLAB extensively.

A significant portion of the course was independent technical reading, and each student gave a presentation on a selected article from a peer reviewed journal.