Neveen Shlayan

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Autonomy Lab > Tele-existence Robot


Project Overview

This project aims to build a simple realization of the abstract idea “Telepresence” by the aid of microcontroller(Raspberry Pi in this specific case) and the Head Mounted Display (HMD) ( HTC Vive) and supplementary hardware. The idea is to make a wireless connected device, mimicking the observer’s perspective to capture its ambient environment and feeding it into observer’s HMD, which therefore allow the observer to fully perceive device’s surrounding as if he/she is in the device’s position. The implementation involves web development, server setup, data transmission & encryption and hardware control.


  1. Capture stereo-image from cameras and feed a video stream into the computer

  2. Display the Stereo-image into the HMD

  3. Control the Rotation of the Camera with HMD orientation, or with

    subsidiary motion controller.










    Web Development