Neveen Shlayan

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

SMACĀ² Lab > The Cooper Mapper

Autonomous Driving Platform

The Cooper Mapper is a mapping robot focusing on usingsensor fusion of LiDAR and camera to create high definition 2D & 3D map of the surroundings. This project will focuses on improving the ability for robots to navigate unknown environment autonomously. The Cooper Mapper enables development of planning and smooth navigation algorithm in an indoor, and a combined indoor/outdoor environment. Having both one-line LiDAR and sixteen-line LiDAR ensures the robot uses what is most efficient for the current application. Multiple Cooper Mappers provide an easily accessible testbed for the development of connected transportation system stack. By exploiting the synergy between autonomous and connected vehicles, the future of transportation will be fast, lightweight, and economical.


Hector Slam 


Research Topics

  1. Autonomous sampling-based planning algorithm in unknown environment.
  2. Autonomous probabilistic roadmap algorithm in unknown environment.
  3. Ubiquitous Indoor/Outdoor perception and mapping techniques.
  4. Multirobot transportation system for future CAV (connected autonomous vehicles).

Robot Research Platform Development Steps









  1. Making a structurally robust robot with predictable and easily controllable dynamics.
  2. Implement Hardware level control of the robot and communication channel so the robot can be tele-operated.
  3. Implement SLAM algorithm with tele-operated robot & ensure accurate mapping result with floor plan.

Software Pipeline