Neveen Shlayan

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Autonomy Lab > Integrated Sensor Platform

Projects Overview

Real-Time Estimation of Transit Origin-Destination Patterns and Delays Using Low Cost Ubiquitous Advanced Technologies

Funded by: University Transportation Research Center (UTRC). Collaboration with: New York University Polytechnic (NYU Poly) & Rutgers

Spectral-based Controllability-preserving Pedestrian Evacuation Network Synthesis Using Multilayered Estimation Models in Real-Time

Funded by: University Transportation Research Center (UTRC). Collaboration with: Center for Urban Science & Progress (CUSP) at NYU Poly


System Architecture Overview


Objective & Challenges

Utilizing Bluetooth and WiFi technology to:

  • Establish a general framework through data-driven pedestrian modeling within transit stationsObtain time-dependent origin-destination (OD) demands
  • Estimate station wait-times of transit bus and subway users
  • Estimate average hourly, daily, weekly volume, and delays


  • Cost-effective Portable
  • Easy to deploy Scalable
  • Rich data and adequate sample size


  • Lack of sensor infrastructure
  • Unrestricted movement of pedestrians
  • Filtering, sensor placement, and sensor features algorithms are location and pedestrian nature dependent and not so easy to develop a one fits all solution