Fred Fontaine

Chair of Electrical Engineering

ECE335 Engineering Electromagnetics

This course emphasizes time-varying fields, with topics presented from electrostatics and magnetostatics as necessary. Maxwell's equations, constitutive relations, phasor vector fields, wave and Helmholtz equations, potentials, boundary conditions. Plane waves in lossless and lossy materials, polarization, incidence. Transmission lines: transient analysis, TDR, phasor analysis, standing wave diagrams, Smith chart, impedance matching. Guided waves: TEM, TE and TM modes, dispersion, evanescence, resonators. Microwave network analysis and device characterization with scattering parameters. Antennas, antenna arrays and Fourier optics. Additional topics from microwaves and optics will be covered as time allows. Students use a vector network analyzer to perform measurements at high frequencies.

    4 credits. Prerequisites: Ma223 Vector Calculus, PH213 Electromagnetic Phenomena, ECE211 Signal Processing

Required for EE juniors in "Signals & Electronics" track.

Last offered: Spring 2019.