Fred Fontaine

Chair of Electrical Engineering

ECE211 Signal Processing & Systems Analysis

    This course presents a unified treatment of signals and systems.  Signal-space concepts for representation and approximation: inner product, orthogonal expansions, projection, Lp-norms, eigenanalysis, SVD. Phasors, complex baseband representation, line spectra. Sampling, aliasing and imaging. Analog and digital LTI systems in the time, frequency and transform domains: convolution, impulse response, frequency response, transfer functions. Continuous and discrete time Fourier transforms, Laplace and z-transforms, poles and zeros, transient modes. Block diagrams, stability, feedback. FIR and IIR digital filters and filter structures. Initial conditions, damping factor, Bode plots. Analog and digital state-space realizations, transition matrix, transfer function matrix. Random signals and vectors: correlation matrices, Gaussian vectors and signals, white noise, stationarity, ergodicity, power spectral density, ARMA models. Extensive use of MATLAB.

    3 credits. Prerequisite: Ma113 Calculus II; co-requisite: ECE210 MATLAB.

Required for EE sophomores.

Last offered: Spring 2019.