Benjamin Davis

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

ChE / EID 447: Sustainability and Pollution Prevention

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Course description from the current catalog:

ChE 447 Sustainability and Pollution Prevention
The first part of this course discusses in detail a methodology for defining and assessing the sustainability of an entity. The course then proceeds with more traditional topics in pollution prevention for chemical processes, outlining concepts on the macroscale, (life-cycle assessment) and mesoscale (pollution prevention for unit operations). By the end of this course, you should be able to use a fuzzy-logic based methodology to define and assess sustainability, perform a sensitivity analysis which identifies the most critical components of sustainability for a given corporation, perform a life-cycle assessment on a product or process, identify and apply chemical process design methods for waste minimization, energy efficiency, and minimal environmental impact and design, size, and cost a simple wastetreatment process.
3 credits. Prerequisite: permission of instructor