Philip Yecko

Professor of Physics

Book: Modern Fluid Dynamics for Physics and Astrophysics

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This book grew out of the need to provide students with a solid introduction to modern fluid dynamics.  It offers a broad grounding in the underlying principles and techniques used, with some emphasis on applications in astrophysics and planetary science.        

The book comprehensively covers recent developments, methods and techniques, including, for example, new ideas on transitions to turbulence (via transiently growing stable linear modes), new approaches to turbulence (which remains the enigma of fluid dynamics), and the use of asymptotic approximation methods, which can give analytical or semi-analytical results and complement fully numerical treatments. The authors also briefly discuss some important considerations to be taken into account when developing a numerical code for computer simulation of fluid flows.       

Although the text is populated throughout with examples and problems from the field of astrophysics and planetary science, the text is eminently suitable as a general introduction to fluid dynamics.   It is assumed that the readers are mathematically equipped with a reasonable knowledge in analysis, including basics of ordinary and partial differential equations and a good command of vector calculus and linear algebra.

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Errata as of 26 June 2016.

p. 20: In the relationship preceding Eq. 1.36, there is a partial derivative missing.

Eq. 1.117: the surface element (dS) should not be a vector entity here.

Eq. 1.119: there should not be a density (\rho) preceding De/Dt.

Q 1.10 There is a typo in the proposed expression for the resulting density, it should read:



p. 508: replace: a "scenaria" with as "scenaria"

p. 580: In Section 9.6 title, replace "Is" with "In"