David Wootton

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers (2012 - 1999) > Tissue Engineering Manufacturing Papers


  1. Lu L, Zhang Q, Wootton D, Chiou R, Li D, Lu B, Lelkes P, Zhou J.  “Mechanical Study on Polycaprolactone-Hydroxyapatite Porous Scaffolds by Porogen-Based Solid Freeform Fabrication Method,” Journal of Applied Biomaterials and Biomechanics, in press
  2. Lu L, Zhang Q, Wootton D, Chiou R, Li D, Lu B, Lelkes P, Zhou J.  “Biocompatibility and biodegradation studies of PCL/b-TCP bone tissue scaffold fabricated by structural porogen method,” Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 2012 Sep;23(9):2217-26.  [abstract].
  3. Lu, Lin, Zhang, Qingwei, Wootton, David, Lelkes, Peter, and Zhou, Jack, “A novel sucrose porogen-based solid freeform fabrication system for bone scaffold manufacturing,” Rapid Prototyping Journal,  V. 16, #5, pp. 365-376, 2010. [abstract]
  4. Zhou J, Lu L, Byrapogu K, Wootton DM, Lelkes PI, Fair R, “Electrowetting-based multi-microfluidics array printing of high resolution tissue construct with embedded cells and growth factors,” Virtual and Physical Prototyping, V. 2, #4, pp. 217-223, 2007. [abstract]
  5. Mondrinos M, Dembzymsky R, Lu L, Byrapogu, VKC, Wootton DM, Lelkes PI, Zhou GJ, “A Porogen-based Solid Freeform Fabrication of Polycaprolactone-Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering,” Biomaterials, V. 27, #25, pp. 4399-4408, 2006. [abstract]