Cosmas Tzavelis

Professor of Civil Engineering

Topics available for research and MS Thesis

Biomimicry and Aesthetics in Structural Design.  

Form finding and Genetic Algorithms in Structural Design.

Structural optimization and Rapid Steel/Concrete Design.

Generative Design and BIM.

Origami and folding in Structural Design.

Innovative Bridge and Building design. Double Helix Bridge. 

Prefabrication of Buildings and Bridges.  Smart building blocks.

Parametric modeling of Buildings and Bridges with Rhino Grasshopper and Revit Families

Building Information Management (BIM) and the National BIM Standard (NBIMS).

Framework for automated Architecture, Engineering and Construction management. Organization of Project Data.

Second order Analysis and Design of Buildings.

 3-D moment distribution for structural analysis and design.

Sustainable Steel and Concrete design.

 Design spreadsheets for structural members and Connections, integrated with BIM.  

 3-D user interfaces to Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) (requires collaboration with EE students).