Vito Guido

Professor of Civil Engineering

Masters Thesis Topics

The following is a list of 17 Masters' thesis students and their topics that Dr. Guido has advised in the last ten years. As can be seen, the list of topicis is varied.

Ng, K. W., "Implementation of the SUPERPAVE Performance Grade Binder Specificatiion: The Effects of a Styrene-Butadiene Polymer on the Low Temperature Performance Grade of an Asphalt Binder", May 2008.

Cadamuro Martins, J., "A Study of the Use of Recycled Crumb Rubber in Reinforced Rubber Piles", May 2009.

Sekulski, E., "Evaluation of Ultimate Pile Capacity Using CPT-Based Direct Design Methods", May 2009.

Maene, T., "Creating a Geotechnical DataBase Using GINT and ARCGIS", May 2010.

Coquillo, O., "An Introduction to the Sesmic Design Aspect of the Recovery Process in Haiti, Following the Devastation Caused By a 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake on January 12, 2010", December 2010.

Chen, W., "The Compressive and Tensile Strength of Concrete With Steel Slag Aggregates", May 2011.

Debellis, J., "A Comparison of the Coefficients of Consolidation for Radial Inflow Versus Radial Outflow Drainage Paths", May 2011.

Mangianello, A. M., "Urban Rock Mechanics: Utilizing Rock Classification Systems and Intact Rock Properties to Modify Estimates for Drilling and Rock Excavation Production in Urban Construction", May 2011.

McMaster, M. T., "The Viability of Pumice Stone as a Suitable Lightweight Aggregate for Structural Backfills", May 2011.

Osi, L. K., "BP's Deepwater Oil Spill: Engineering Failures, Environmental and Economic Impact", May 2011.

Pimental, M., "Sustainable Initiatives in the Aviation Industry", May 2011.

Rosen, S., "The Socioeconomic Effects of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis", May 2011

Moon, J., "The Influence of Cement and Cement Alternatives on Sulfate Laden Kaolinite Clay", May 2012.

Paulson, E. J., "Identifying and Assessing Timber Piles Damaged by Teredo Navalis -Shipworm", May 2012.

Hon, V., "A Study of Remedial Alternatives for the Gowanus Canal", May 2013.

Erb, A. F., "Analysis of Subsurface Engineering", May 2014.

Nodroff, S. R., "Downdrag and Download Consideratios for a Single Axially Loaded Pile Embedded in Consolidating Soil", May 2014.

Chen, N., "Fluid Injection Induced Earthquakes Due To Unconventional Oil-Gas Drilling", May 2015.

Caroil,F., "Raising of the Bayonne Bridge to Accomodate Panamax Vessels", May 2016..

Guerrier,R.C., "The Challenges of Underpinning Historic Foundations", December 2016.

Acharya,S., "Seismic Design of Laterally Loaded Piles in Stiff Clay Using LPILE and ANSYS", May 2017.

Stein,T. "Analysis and Retrofit Design for Blast Load Effects on The Cooper Union Foundation Building", May 2018.

Chong, K., "Reuse of Existing Foundations for Urban Construction in New York City", May 2018.

Dr. Guido is currently advising three Masters' students.The thesis topics are the use of salt water in the mixing of concrete, differential settlement in clay soils due to different soil stabilization techniques, and the design of foundations and flood walls in flood zones using LPILE.