Irving Brazinsky

Chair of Chemical Engineering


Academic rank: Professor of Chemical Engineering- full-time


BChE      Cooper Union                    1958                       Chemical Engineering

M.S.       Lehigh University             1960                       Chemical Engineering

Sc.D.      MIT                                        1967                       Chemical Engineering


Number of Years on this Faculty: 27 years

Date of original appointment: September 1985, Associate Professor

Tenure: April 1987

Promotion from Associate Professor to Professor: April 1991


Teaching experience other than at Cooper Union

New Jersey Institute of Technology,  Newark, N.J.

During the ten years that I was an adjunct professor at NJIT, I averaged close to one course per semester


Patents (at Cooper Union):

1)      “Rapid Beverage Cooling”; issued 9 April 1996 – U.S. Patent No. 5,505,054


Scientific and Professional Societies:

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • American Society for Engineering Education


Institutional and Professional Services (at Cooper Union):

Member of AIChE Admissions Committee (1992-2011)


Institutional (at Cooper Union):

1)      Commencement Committee

2)      Arranged plant trips once a semester for chemical engineering students and accompanied the students on these trips.

3)      Promotion and Tenure Committee

4)      Curriculum Committee

5)      Department Chairmen’s Committee

6)      Advisor to chemical engineering students

7)      Cooper Union Administrator of the joint Cooper Union – Mt. Sinai Medical School Program

8)      Enders Fellowship Awards Committee

9)      Academic Standards Committee

10)   Board of Directors, Cooper Union Research Foundation

11)   Cooper Union Summer Research Internship Program

12)   Arranged for annual Kraut lecture in Chemical Engineering

13)   Dean’s Search Committee

14)   Governance Revision Committee


Cooper Union Research Foundation Projects:

1)      Use of the Czochralski method to grow neodymium-doped YAG crystals – 5 years

2)      High vacuum Nerken leak detectors – 1 year

3)      Study of the Hydrocarb Process for converting coal or biomass to methanol and carbon black – 2 years


At Cooper Union I have taught courses in thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, chemical process design, and the Unit Operations laboratory.


Masters thesis completed at Cooper Union under the supervision of Irv Brazinsky


1)      The Kinetics of Sodium Perborate Oxidation of Cyclohexanone to Caprolactone

2)      A Pilot Plant Design for the Integrated Gasification Process

3)      A Theoretical Study of Carbon Dioxide Frost Deposition onto a Horizontal Plate Maintained at Cryogenic Temperatures

4)      Numerical Analysis of Heat and Momentum Transfer in the Growth of Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Crystals from the Melt by the Czochralski Method

5)      Evaluation of the Pro/II Simulation Package for Modeling Various Aspects of the Carver-Greenfield Process

6)      Treatment of Bentonite Clay Contaminated with Mobil Oil 600W using the Carver Greenfield Process

7)      A Kinetic Study of  the Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate Oxidation of Acetophenone to Phenyl Acetate

8)      Separation of Water-oil Emulsion Using cut-floc Coagulants; A comparison study

9)      Simulation of Multi-effect Evaporator System of the Carver-Greenfield Process

10)   Optimization of the Carver-Greenfield Process for the Treatment of Petroleum Contaminated Soil

11)   Simulation of the Biotherm Process

12)   The modified Hydrocarb Process

13)   Capital Cost Estimation: Using Microsoft Excel and Fortran>> Subroutines

14)   An Initial Investigation of Bioreactor Performance in Batch and Continuous Operation

15)   Analysis of a Three Phase Dewatering Process Algorithm

16)   Determination of the Viscosity of Polyphenylene Oxide Lubricant with Graphite and Hexagonal Boron Nitride Additives for AZ31 Superplastic Forming

17)   Rapid Chilling of Beverages

18)   Integration of the Cooper Cooling Process with Household Refrigeration

19)   Characterizing of a Bioreactor for Batch and Continuous Operation

20)   Isothermal simulation of the Cooper Cooler Process for beverage production plants

21)   Modifying and Refining the Stock Chiller Design to Adapt to Restaurant Industry Needs


I am currently supervising research on the Cooper Cooler Process