Melody Baglione

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

STEM Outreach

Cooper Union students and faculty are reaching out to NYC preschool and elementary students and exposing them to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in fun, interactive, and creative ways.  Cooper Union students are working with PreK-5 students from The American Sign Language and English Lower School (PS 347)The Parkside School (PS 130K) in Brooklyn, and the 43rd Street Kids Preschool.  Cooper Union students are developing science-related activity cards and creating manipulatives to encourage science exploration, puzzle play and spatial skills.  To support this effort Engineering is Elementary storybooks and curricular kits developed by the Boston Museum of Science were purchased using funding from an American Society of Mechanical Engineering Diversity Action Grant.

Students at PS347 working on an activity
Laser Cut Tessellating Monkeys using Acrylic
Students from The Parkside School learning about the engineering design process by building and testing windmills
Exploring Light at 43rd Street Kids Preschool