Melody Baglione

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

ME351: Feedback Control Systems

Course Description:  Modeling and representation of dynamic physical systems: transfer functions, block diagrams, state equations, and transient response. Principles of feedback control and linear analysis including root locus and frequency response methods. Practical applications and computer simulations using MATLAB. Discussions of ethics will be integrated into the curriculum.  3 credits. Prerequisite: Ma240, ESC161

 Course Topics:        

  • Introduction to Feedback Control
  • PID Control
  • Pole Location vs. Response
  • Stability
  • Routh Criterion
  • Root Locus Design Method
  • Bode Plots and Frequency Domain Design
  • Lead-Lag Compensation
  • Nyquist Criterion

 Lab Sessions:           

  • Introduction to Process Control 
  • On-Off Control
  • Level/Flow PID-Control
  • Temperature Process Control
  • Temperature PID-Control
  • HVAC and Building Management System Tours
  • DC Motor Speed Control
  • DC Motor Position Control
  • Ziegler-Nichols Tuning