Vito Guido

Professor of Civil Engineering


Vito A. Guido, Ph.D., P.E., has over 40 years of experience in industry and teaching and is the co-ordinator of the Geotechnical Engineering program in the Department of Civil Engineering. He teaches the two conerstone undergraduate courses in this area, "Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering", 4.5 credits and "Foundation Engineering", 3 credits. In addition, he and an adjunct from industry teach the graduate level courses in geotechnical engineering. He is responsible for the Soil & Concrete Laboratory and the SUPERPAVE Asphalt Technology Laboratory. He has advised over 60 Masters' thesis students and is one of the senior Civil Engineering facilty who advise the students in the year long senior capstone design course in Civil Engineering. In addition, he is the chair of the Committee on Academic Standards of the School of Engineering and also acts as its Schedule Co-Ordinator. Dr. Guido has developed an interest in sustainable design and in the Fall 2008 developed and offered CE/EID390-Introduction to Sustainable Design-3 credits.

In the Fall 2014 Dr. Guido is teaching the following courses:

CE331-Foundation Engineering-3 credits

CE363 -Civil Engineering Design I-3 credits

CE432-Special Topics in Lateral Earth Pressures and Retaining Structures

In the Spring 2014 Dr. Guido will be teaching the following courses:

CE131-Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering-4.5 credits(3hours of lecture and 3 hours of laboratory)

CE364-Civil Engineering Design II-3 credits

Dr. Dong Chang will teach CE 436-Forensic Geotechnical Engineering