Robert Dell

Director, Center for Innovation and Applied Technology

Masters' Theses

Current  Graduate Students:

William Foley (with Prof. Wei)

Anthony Morris (with Prof. Wei)

Completed Theses:

Harvesting Waste Steam Heat, Andrew Yang, 2006  (with Prof. Stan Wei)

Electromagnetic Artificial Muscle, Shai Dov Givon, 2007 (with Prof. Stan Wei)

Bimetallic Leaf Spring Clamping Device, Tae Young Lee, 2007 (with Prof. Stan Wei)

Affordable Data Acquisition and Process Control of a Heated Green Roof Prototype Bed, Alexander Bronfman, 2012 (with Prof. George Sidebotham)

A Novel Channelled Cross-Fin Heat Exchanger Design, Seyoon Kim, 2012 (with Prof. Stan Wei)

Characterization of the Steady State Thermal response of a Heated Roof Garden, Kelly Pauline Smolar, 2012 (with Prof. Stan Wei)